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A statement of modern architecture

The Longchamps residence consists of 3 buildings which are built in 2 different construction phases. The left part of the Longchamps will first be realized. Construction phase I consists of  Longchamps I and the left part of Longchamps II. Thanks to the Longchamps residence, the urban renewal and facelift of the Alfons Pieterslaan is brought to a new climax. After a series of small residences, this means the first innovation project of this magnitude. At a great pace, this historic street is transforming itself and is finding its old grandeur again. It is entirely clear that the Longchamps is a trendsetter for the environment and also for Ostend. Besides the character aspect, there is also the investment value: a similar top project in a perfect location gives certainty to the future, you can count on it! A rarity in the heart of the city: all apartments have at least one spacious terrace. Thanks to the spacious underground garage complex with different types of boxes on 2 different floors, the Longchamps residence offers you extra comfort. The hyper modern car lift takes you in no time in and out of the residence. Also available: a limited number of individual storerooms. And what’s more, the residence also provides communal bike storerooms and garbage rooms. The entrance is situated in the side of the Romestraat.

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