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Truly dream location in Ostend

The Longchamps residence is the ideal operating base to explore the vibrant Ostend city life. It is located within a close proximity of various prestigious shops, pleasant pavements cafés, the historic municipal park... And on top of that it is within walking distance to public transport: railway station, tram and bus stops. It’s all up to you. You’re only a few minutes removed from the motorway and merely 20' from Bruges. Add 10’ more minutes and you’re already in Ghent. It goes without saying that especially for an active professional life, the Longchamps residence is most conveniently situated. But also for those who take things a bit easier, Longchamps is a very agreeable residence. Strolling along the beautiful wide boulevard, or take a walk in the Leopoldpark or along the sea front... this perfect location offers you a wide range of possibilities.

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