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The Groep Sleuyter information center is a unique concept: Groep Sleuyter is the only construction company on the coast disposing of a fully equipped information center and model apartment. In this center, we show you around without any kind of sales pressure.
With great pleasure we'll present our different projects; architecture, location and rooms. What's more, the attractive interior of our information center gives you a lot of great ideas for the arrangement of your own apartment. 


In the model apartment belonging to the information center and sales office, you'll discover various examples of our basic finish. We feel in honour bound to correctly present our standard finish. As a consequence, in our model apartment you'll not find any material not belonging to the basic. In fact, this is not necessary at all, while after all the years our basic finish still remains one of the best and most exclusive at the Belgian coast.


Our information center has been designed in a first-rate environment in order to introduce the Sleuyter style and products. We will inform you as good and complete as possible. The dialogue with our sales team goes in an open and pleasant manner, to make sure you will be able to make the right choices concerning your coast apartment.
We prepare a complete financial statement of your purchase, so you gain a clear insight into the costs. 
We are very well aware of the fact that the decision to purchase an apartment is an important matter to you. Therefore we want to give you an answer to all your questions before signing a contract. 

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