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The Groep Sleuyter's core activity includes the construction and sale of real estate projects at the Belgian coast, emphasizing Ostend and surroundings. The group's philosophy has always been to aim for the strongest vertical integration. From the purchase of building lots till the finish and sale of the projects; everything is done as much as possible on our own account and by our own staff.
This allows the Groep Sleuyter to guarantee its clients a constant high quality level in any field. Besides, the contact between the company and the clients, goes smoothly, directly and very personal. As a result, those are the company's core values.



Dreaming of buying an apartment by the sea often starts very hopeful, until you really start hunting. Often a rude awakening will follow. Small rooms and a shocking finish, generally seem to be the characteristics of most apartments by the sea. The Groep Sleuyter's apartments are different. For many years already - against the contemporary trend - we build spacious apartments with a large choice of first-class finish. Our approach ‘from beginning to end' results in a maximum client satisfaction and the most beautiful new built interiors at the coast.

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